Beneath by Roland Smith

Beneath (book review)

Feb 20th, 2017 2018 Caudills, Book Awards, Book Reviews Rachel Reinwald 3 min read

Beneath by Roland Smith For more 2018 Caudill reviews and teacher resources, click here. Grades 4-8. Beneath is a middle-grade adventure fiction novel. Pat’s older brother Coop does not care about anything other than exploring underground, tap dancing, and Pat himself. He is an odd bird but Pat loves him anyways. The parents? Not so much. The parents don’t seem to care that they have…

How I Became a Ghost by Tim Tingle

How I Became a Ghost (book review)

Apr 27th, 2016 2017 Caudills, Book Awards, Book Reviews Rachel Reinwald 2 min read

How I Became a Ghost is an emotional historical fiction of the Choctaw Trail of Tears 1820s. Isaac and his family flee their burning town and hide from the white men who did it. As they journey, Isaac has visions of the future and can tell who will die next, but is helpless to stop it. Their family eventually makes it to what is known…

Space Jackers by Huw Powelll

Space Jackers (book review)

Mar 25th, 2016 Book Reviews Rachel Reinwald 1 min read

Space Jackers is a science fiction novel set in space in various fictional places. Jake Cutler is living on the planet Remota with the cyber monks who took him in when he was dropped off as a baby after a spaceship crash. He overhears a visitor claim that he is a fortune seeker and his mission is to find Jake and take him back to…

My Brother's Secret by Dan Smith

My Brother’s Secret (book review)

Dec 11th, 2015 Book Reviews, Tween Rachel Reinwald 3 min read

My Brother’s Secret by Dan Smith This suspenseful historical fiction covers WWII Germany from the perspective of Karl, a boy in the Hitler Youth. At first, he is really excited to be training for Hitler and is proud of his father fighting in the war. But then little things start to happen. A boy in his class is humiliated because he cried the day he…

chomp by carl hiaasen

Chomp (book review)

Jul 17th, 2015 Book Reviews Rachel Reinwald 3 min read

Read more 2016 Caudills reviews. Chomp by Carl Hiaasen This is a contemporary realistic fiction book inset with adventure/survival. The setting is the Everglades after a brief jaunt at the main character’s movie ranch/wildlife center. Wahoo’s mother is in Asia on business, so it’s up to him to babysit his dad. Yep. His dad has always been the kind of person to do whatever he…