Spy Kids Program

Apr 4th, 2017 Programming, Tween Rachel Reinwald 10 min read

Spy Kids was a joint program that I planned with one of the other librarians for kids in grades 4-6. We started by giving kids spy badges instead of “nametags” with their team colors on them. We did not let them pick teams. We told them we were doing a library spy scavenger hunt and luckily they were really excited because I’m not cheesy enough…

My Brother's Secret by Dan Smith

My Brother’s Secret (book review)

Dec 11th, 2015 Book Reviews, Tween Rachel Reinwald 3 min read

My Brother’s Secret by Dan Smith This suspenseful historical fiction covers WWII Germany from the perspective of Karl, a boy in the Hitler Youth. At first, he is really excited to be training for Hitler and is proud of his father fighting in the war. But then little things start to happen. A boy in his class is humiliated because he cried the day he…