I figured I’d post the rest of my Little Listeners (3-15 mos.) plans. So here’s the March/April session. Look at my past post to see pictures of the setup and the transitional songs we sing every week.

The other plans:







For this session, here are our choral read books (we do 1 choral read per class):

Barnyard Dance by Sandra Boynton

Goodnight My Duckling by Nancy Tafuri

Gossie and Gertie by Olivier Dunrea

Look at Baby’s House by Peter Linenthal

Spot on the Farm by Eric Hill

Twinkle Twinkle by

Here are the songs. We do our Hello Song, Name Song, and the first three songs, then do a choral read, then do the last three songs and a Goodbye Song. You can see the transitional songs in the link above. Halfway through the six-week session, we rotate to new songs (the latter half of this list).

First Half –

Here is a Bunny

Here is a bunny with ears to funny,

And here is his hole in the ground.

At the first sound he hears,

He pricks up his ears,

And jumps in his hole in the ground.

Five Green and Speckled Frogs

The Beehive

Row Your Boat

Baby in the Cradle

Baby in the cradle goes rock-a-rock-a-rock.

The clock on the dresser goes tick-a-tick-a-tock.

The rain on the window goes tap-tap-tap.

Here comes the sun, baby goes clap-clap-clap.

I Had a Little Turtle

I had a little turtle.

He lived in a box.

He swam in the water.

He climbed on the rocks.

He snapped at a mosquito.

He snapped at a flea.

He snapped at a minnow.

And he snapped at me!

He caught the mosquito.

He caught the flea.

He caught the minnow.

But he didn’t catch me!


Second Half –


Wiggle them, wiggle them, wiggle them so.

Wiggle them high, and wiggle them low.

Wiggle to the left, wiggle to the right.

Wiggle them til they’re out of sight.

-roll them

-clap them

Caterpillar Crawled

A caterpillar crawled to the top of a tree.

“I think I’ll take a nap,” said he.

So under a leaf he began to creep.

He spun a cocoon and he fell asleep.

While he was sleeping, he dreamed he could fly.

And when he woke up, he was a butterfly.

Five Little Ducks

Rain Rain Go Away


Rain rain go away.

Come again another day.

Little [name] wants to play.

Rain rain go away.

It’s raining, it’s pouring.

The old man is snoring.

He went to bed with a bump on his head,

And couldn’t get up in the morning.

I Wish I Were a Bunny (tune: “Did you ever see a lassie”)

I wish I were a bunny, a bunny, a bunny.

I wish I were a bunny, cause bunnies can hop.

They hop and hop, and hop and hop.

Oh I wish I were a bunny, cause bunnies can hop.

frog/jump; horse/gallop; fish/swim

You’re My Little Baby (tune: “I’m a Little Teapot”)

You’re my little baby, soft and sweet.

Here are your hands, and here are your feet.

I’ll watch you clap your hands and tap your feet.

I love you little baby, soft and sweet.