Thank you to those who are still reading this blog! It’s surprisingly many. I have been very busy over the Summer Reading Program at work, which was so much different than last year and there was insane turn out for. See my (future) blog post here.

I was appointed to the ALSC Education Committee that manages the continuing education programs and the ALSC Interdivisional Committee on School and Public Library Collaboration that, well, works on school/library collaboration (which is my jam). So I’ve been busy scheduling webinars and online courses and recruiting people to teach them. We’re working on diversity and family engagement as our popular topics right now. PS – Let me know if you want to teach a class on either!

I was putting together the Battle of the Books program when our 2nd teen librarian in a row quit. I only do birth-6th grade at work, but I ended up doing Rebecca Caudill booktalks for all the middle schoolers as well. I booktalked to 38 classes (1336 ish students) in the month of September to promote the program. I was bummed that only 29 kids signed up. But I did tell them they could grab last minute friends to be on a team with them and not worry about RSVPing (because teenagers suck at responding). And over 100 people showed up to the Battle Orientation! I actually got in trouble because we had more than the fire code, so some people were outside the room. We ran out of tables and chairs and I had the kids sit on the floor. It was craziness and amazing. We now have 55 kids and 9 teams. The first year we only had 9 kids and the second year we had 28 kids. My “baby” is growing up! I just trained our new teen librarian on how Battle works. See more details in my (I think November) ASLC Blog post here (“Gimme a C for Collaboration: How a school district and public library made Battle of the Books a blast”).

I am preparing for my first Baby Art Playground (it’s “sold out” already!) and my October Teacher CPDU which are both right after I come back from the Illinois Library Association Conference next week.

So, a lot going on. I will try to start adding more posts. For now, check out my awesome Margins Project ALSC Blog post.