I threw together this new storytime after my favorite book for my Toys Storytime is not only out of print and not available online (for under $200), but my personal copy is missing too.

The Squeaky Door by MacDonaldWe started with my favorite play on a folktale, The Squeaky Door by Margaret MacDonald. I used to be really embarrassed reading it, but the more you do all the sounds, the crazier the kids get. They love it. When the grandma kisses everyone, I make the smacking kiss sound, when she turned out the light I click with my tongue (think horses hooves as they walk), and then, of course, the boy crying and all the animal sounds. As the kids got used to the pattern of the story they would join in with the noises. They also liked how easy it was to guess what came next, and just as they were getting bored with the pattern, the bed breaks! The kids dissolved into giggles. I like that the grandma can fix her own door and bed (go girls!). And, as always, kissing a pig is hilarious.

Then as an action song to get their sillies out, we did Teddy Bear Teddy Bear Turn Around.

Goodnight Already by Jory JohnNext, we read Goodnight Already by Jory John and Benji Davies. Bear just wants to go to sleep and duck wants to play. And when duck wears himself out, Bear is wired awake. The kids liked that they could spot duck on every page before he woke up Bear. They didn’t really get it when duck wanted to borrow a bunch of cooking ingredients (I think the age of borrowing sugar from your neighbors is gone). And only the older kids got it when Duck was asleep and Bear was up. The humor might appeal more to adults. And I was so excited for this one.

Then we did our flannel, which was just “There Were Ten in the Bed” song, but with 15 pieces (that’s how many kids we have). And we counted down by 2 to make it go quicker. When it was time for a kid to come up, they would pick a color bunny from the flannel board, say it’s color out loud (to practice vocabulary) and then sit with it as it “fell asleep.”

Dinosaur vs BedtimeThe last book we did was Dinosaur vs. Bedtime by Bob Shea, because who can resist dinos? This might be better to read one on one but the kids loved it (I guess I didn’t enjoy it as much). They all thought it was funny. Once again, only the older ones got that bedtime won at the end. But they didn’t care, because… dinosaurs!!! Next time I will read Sheep Go to Sleep by Nancy Shaw instead.


SleepyheadsIn one class, we had two minutes to do Sleepyheads by Sandra Howatt real quick. This is a calming, simple book that rhymes, aimed towards the younger ones. Of course, my kids like shouting out what animal it is before anyone else.

Backup book: You Nest Here With Me by Jane Yolen (I love this one, but it was the longest)