Guerilla Storytime 5/26/16 Niles (1 hr)

Attending: Rachel Reinwald (Lake Villa), Julia Frederick (Deerfield), Kristin Anderson (Bloomingdale), Kara DeCarlo (Roselle), April Howe (ELA), Dierde Winterhauler (Niles)

Other cool things we talked about:

  • Have a meetup on an ELL theme (Dia, bilingual storytime, outreach, etc)
  • Ohio Kindergarten Readiness checklist (IL doesn’t have one online): academic, social/emotional, personal knowledge). Roselle website “News in YS” ready for Kindergarten posts.
  • June: Fun meetup at Suburbanite Bowl in Westmont to get summer stress out
  • July: Professional meetup at Aurora (probably) to discuss how SRP was, did you try anything new, did you do summer lunches or a kindergarten bootcamp?
  • August: Mitt puppet craft (fun/sort of professional) at Panera or someone’s house (alcohol!)

Do you have to co-plan Storytime? How do you tactfully tell your partner that you disagree with their book selection?

  • We plan together, and alternate weeks for presenting. But it’s more like we avoid each other and pull from a cart of themed books we pulled.
  • Every week is a different theme, one person in charge of that theme puts materials on a cart.  You can add yours in if you want, and then you use what you think is appropriate.

What are specific cultural concerns and needs of underserved populations in the area you live in?

  • In Bloomingdale, patrons asked for a Ramadan display and programs because that’s what they celebrate.
  • Niles pays performers to do storytimes and programs in Spanish/Polish/Russian
  • Once a month Orland librarian reads books about that specific country, a volunteer reads a book in that language and teaches a song in that language.
  • Everyone loves Ballet Folklorico, traditional Mexican dance (cool costumes, you need lots of space for twirling). 1 hour. Kids love it. $650
  • Kay Weedon, bilingual storyteller in Spanish, $200
  • Kelly Von Zee (Addison) great with Northern Illinois Food Bank/Chicago Food Depository (free lunches), Hispanic outreach
  • Villa Park worked with the public school bilingual liaison “Family Learning Program”
  • “Parents as Teachers” partner with Board of Edu by county
  • Temporary Visitors Driver’s Licenses class at Addison (practice tests/sessions). Parents usually bring children so you can have a joint program.
  • Niles has world language storytime. Partners with Skokie to make a book of programs for parents in the area to pick what they go to.
  • Include flags on the handouts (including the town flag) to show multicultural and inclusive of everyone.
  • Addison summer lunches paired with drop-in bilingual storytime.
  • Can pair with Park District for lunches program (switch off days)

What props do you use in storytime?

  • Stuffies for lapsit demo
  • Picture cut-outs with velcro on back for flannel board of objects that go with that letter (for letter-themed storytimes). Ex: things that start with the letter B. (phonological, letter awareness)
  • Scarves regularly:
    • Good for gross motor and crossing the midline of the body
    • Freeplay with songs or do action rhymes (do a few back to back)
    • Tell them to sit on scarves if you want to save them and have the kids not play with them while you’re reading.
    • Songs from Gymboree training (online)
    • Jbrary scarf songs
  • Play-Doh: fine motor skills, make letters, roll with fingers, cut with safety scissors. Make it yourself with cornstarch so it’s gluten free. People with celiacs often get a rash when touching gluten.
  • Parachute $20 Amazon 12”
  • Bubble Blitz bubble machine ($10 Target): Look at April’s bubble post @ Curious Creative Library
  • Mouse: hide the mouse under shapes and/or cat under hats (flannel)
  • Miss Meg’s (blog) Color Song with flannel
  • Great songs in Spanish “Mi Cuerpo Hace Musica”


Questions we didn’t get to:

  • How do you use non-print media/tech in storytime? Do you? What do you say to parents about it?
  • What’s your favorite fingerplay?
  • How do you incorporate ECRR parent tips into preschool and kindergarten storytimes? (It’s so much easier with the babies)
  • What do you do if you have kids who cannot keep their hands to themselves during Storytime? What do you do if the kids are running around the storytime room, you have already said something, and the parents are in the room but aren’t doing anything at all about it? All the moms are talking in the back. What do you do?
  • Do you have a favorite method  to help you remember the names of your Storytime attendees?