Boosting Brain Power: 52 Ways to Use What Science Tells Us

ISBN: 978-0-87659-359-2
Pages: 126
Publisher: Gryphon House
Published: 05/01/16

Boosting Brain Power is a nonfiction book aimed at parents to teach them research-backed reasons and activities for brain building, bonding, and communicating with their 0-3 year-old to build early literacy and strengthen brain connections. A lot of the information and research will be familiar to youth librarians, as it is the basis of Every Child Ready to Read, but Stamm talks about the actual studies in a conversational and easy to digest manner. There are 52 tips for parents and a “brain nugget,” similar to early literacy tips storytime programmers give out to parent, for each section.

Although librarians and early childhood educators may have heard of these tips, parents probably have not read up on the specifics. Gryphon House mostly publishes professional teaching books for early childhood teachers. Stamm cites her research at the end of each section for further reading. Although, why read the research if she states it so succinctly and gives you application activities as well?

When reading this book, I was able to put some reasons behind why we say certain things to parents during storytime. I always knew they were true because of ECRR, but couldn’t pinpoint the research origin.

Stamm also gives a good introduction to infant brain development and what parts develop when, so caregivers know when to focus on different activities and can identify ones that children aren’t ready for yet. If you’re not a certified educator, this is a great background in child brain development and learning theory that can boost your ability to program for 0-3 year old activities.