Space Jackers is a science fiction novel set in space in various fictional places. Jake Cutler is living on the planet Remota with the cyber monks who took him in when he was dropped off as a baby after a spaceship crash. He overhears a visitor claim that he is a fortune seeker and his mission is to find Jake and take him back to his birth planet, Ulta. Jake’s only remains of his past life are his tattered baby blanket and a gold pendant with three gems set in. He doesn’t know what it’s supposed to mean, but apparently the whole galaxy is after it and him. All Jake wants to do is hang out around the space ports and sketch the cool ships coming in. But other people are looking for him too, and when space pirates attack the seminary, Jake has to escape the planet and leave everything and everyone he’s ever known behind. He is intercepted by the fortune seeker and another clan of space pirates for the adventure of his life and a mission to get back to Ulta. On the journey, he meets new (and his only) friends and learns surprising things about his past and the interstellar government. This is a fun, adventurous, and wonky trip through space with elements of nautical pirates (pirate patches, parrots, giant space squid, space barnacles, and treasure plundering) and space (black holes, galaxies, nebulae, zero-gravity). I just picked this book up because it was the only one left on the new shelf (audiobooks), but I ended up really liking it and I think kids will to. It is also set up to have sequels.

If you like Space Jackers, you would probably also like Star Wars and maybe Cinder (if you are okay with a longer book, a girl main character, and some romance).