seals on the bus by lenny hortzThe Seals on the Bus by Lenny Hort was the first book we read. I got this idea of a blog and I wasn’t sure about using it. It kind of bothered me that they weren’t all jungle animals. But it was fun to sing and the kids went nuts. They liked that they already knew the tune, and we took some time to look at the pictures which showed the people’s reactions. So when I got to the part where I asked what the humans said, I had some really great responses. And it’s funny to watch kids trying to act like a seal, they even clapped short flippers and wriggled on the ground. I have a wacky group. They like goofing off. The little guys got so excited they came and stood in front of the book, blocking it. I had to keep telling him to sit down. So I take it back! I like this book.

We did the song “Shake the Mango Tree.” It’s by Sesame Street, so I’m sure it has a tune, I just never looked it up. Hey now, I was juggling scarves at the same time, so I just “chanted” it. One thing at a time. The kids liked it, mainly because they got to play with scarves.

The lyrics:

Shake, shake the mango tree (shake your arms like a tree)

Mango yellow, mango green (hold one arm up and then the other)

One for you, and one for me (point out and then in)

Shake, shake the mango tree (shake your arms like a tree)

yikesThen we read Yikes!! By Robert Florczak. I love the big size of this book and how bright the pictures are. The kids liked exploring on the page to find all the animals. And of course they liked screaming (yes unfortunately) “yikes!” And they thought it was cool that the boy fell asleep reading an animal book and he was dreaming about the book. Good inferences 4 and 5-year-olds!!

playground dayOur flannel was Playground Day by Jennifer Merz. We acted out the animal actions as we added the animals on the board. The kids almost didn’t want to put their animals up because they wanted to keep them as pets. I know, I have the goof troupe this session.

More books I was considering:

Alternate flannels: