So I’m coming in a little late this time, but hey, it’s still January right?

This post started from I guess an initiative of sorts that Storytime Underground does every year to focus you on what you want to accomplish professionally this year. Last year my goals were more broad with networking and getting more involved with the library associations I’m in. I think I did a pretty good job and I’m trying to continue that. This year, I want to focus on my school services and make them even better. I’ve seen some great ideas from the students in the class I teach as well as what I’ve read about in journals. But I have to start a little lower to make all the changes I want to. Here are my 2016 goals:

Our library has tech education as one of its strategic goals this year. Since I’m the school liaison, I interpret that as school services.

  • I will work on making sure that students have Overdrive on their student Chromebooks, and try to get the other district I work with to put Overdrive on their student iPads.
  • I will then work to get database library cards for every teacher who wants to use the databases. This includes using it themselves or in their classroom to demonstrate research (I love research!).
  • Next, I will work to promote both Overdrive and our new Gale Courses database through the schools by doing all school meetings and making one on one appointments with teachers and/or classes that want to learn how to use the databases (since we now have class guest passes and teacher database cards).
  • I was able to get the superintendent to offer teachers CPDU credits of the Gale Courses if they are in the education section. Now all I have to do is show the teachers how easy it is to do and that they can get 24 credits per course!
  • On the library programs side, my tech initiative is to do a coding class for 4th-6th I need to start writing lesson plans!

My other goal is to align my services with the “new” standards my school district has (and is) adopted: C3 Framework, Common Core and Next Gen.

  • I want to have books on each in the teaching collection.
  • I want to check my nonfiction section (600-900s and biographies) to make sure the subjects are at the right grade levels (the majority as well as a general public lower and higher level). Ex: Landforms and natural disasters for second grade (there aren’t a lot!). Who wants to write some nonfiction books with me?
  • I want to create capsule research lessons where students learn about a library resource while we connect it to their content areas. Ex: right now the second graders are learning about landforms, so we are making landform stations with nonfiction books and teaching text features to help find information for their landform more efficiently. I want to do this for multiple grade levels and units, though, to extend our reach into the schools and get to form more relationships with more teachers.

I want to take better statistics and learn how to analyze them better so I know more about what I do. I want to create surveys for my programs so I can gather suggestions. I want to look more at statistics for my community, local school districts and my library to align goals and get some research to back my program proposals and show some sort of progress (for example: a correlation between all school visits and numbers of teacher bags checked out, etc.). I think this would be interesting, help me professionally, and help me express what I do and my impact.