One is a Feast For a Mouse

One is a Feast for a Mouse by Judy Cox is my favorite Thanksgiving book. Not only is it suspenseful and not about killing turkeys, the illustrations are also pretty good, especially when looking at perspective and all the fun details in the pictures. You can see that Kitty has a nametag place at the table to remind you to watch out for him. It’s also fun to look at mouse’s little house, how the clock appears backwards from the inside and his little trinkets as housewares… the bottle cap, die, spool of thread, etc. The other Mouse books by Cox aren’t as good, but that’s what happens with most “sequels.”

Song: “I’m a Little Teapot.” Classic as always. I’m still amazed how many kindergarteners still like this song and don’t say it’s babyish.

Run Turkey RunI usually don’t pick books where there is even a hint of turkey killing, but this is funny. We read Run, Turkey, Run by Diane Mayr. The kids like shouting out run, turkey run. They also think it’s hilarious when the turkey pretends to be a different animal. I have the kids raise their hands to vote if his disguise will work? They identify the different animals. Before I read the last part, I ask the kids what other animal disguises turkey could try. Then we say maybe the farmer wanted to invite turkey to dinner (not to be eaten, but, again, I don’t reiterate that).

Did You Ever See a TurkeyFlannel: Did You Ever See a Turkey (tune: “Did You Ever See a Lassie”)

Did you ever see a turkey,

A turkey, a turkey,

Did you ever see a turkey

With feathers so [blue]?

*Repeat, changing the color for each verse. If child has that color, they come up and put their feather on. It’s helpful if you hide the feathers behind your back and blindly pull one out for each kid. Or, you will have a color fight (“I want the pink one!”). I am stealing this from Ms. Kathy: “You get what you get and you don’t have a fit.” We’re working on this a lot right now with the kindergarteners. Please let this phase end!

Bear Says Thanks by Karma WilsonBear Says Thanks by Karma Wilson is always soothing to them. It rhymes and they’ve read Bear Feels Sick and Bear Snores On for our Sick/Well storytime and our Bears/Hibernation storytime. Bear is a familiar character now. He’s our friend. We were talking about sharing and contributing and different ways to do that. The kids really like that his friends are there for him in every book.

All for Pie Pie for AllAll for Pie, Pie for All by David Martin is a gem. It’s so cute! I love the repetition as each smaller animal family shares the meal, each …ate a piece, and then they all fall asleep. More repetition for the “yes, yes, yes” part and then all the animal families worked together to make another pie. Scrumptious. I can’t get over how much I love this book. The pictures seem simple and humble and calming. The kids love the repetition because it makes predicting easy. They love know the answers to everything, of course. And they think all the animal are cute. I hope I didn’t encourage a lot of kids to beg their parents for ant farms or baby mice.


Others that I didn’t do this time:

Thanks for ThanksgivingThanks for Thanksgiving by Julie Markes. I like this because it rhymes, is sweet, and is calming to the kids. You can’t do much else with it other than talk about what you do at your family parties for Thanksgiving. You can also list something you’re thankful for as this book provides ideas. But the storyline isn’t intriguing the illustrations don’t stand out.

This is the TurkeyThis is the Turkey by Abby Levine. The only redeeming quality of this strange book is that it adds on, making it kind of fun to try and do in one breath. Other than that, the kids get bored because they can’t relate yet to the adults messing up the turkey.