Finally, some attention to an important topic. We have Common Sense Media’s new Digital Citizenship lesson packages, the usual how-to use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, [insert teenage social media here] without getting arrested, kicked out of school, or in trouble with parents. But there is more to it, and more for the elementary kiddos.

This is the official website’s description: “Media Literacy Week is designed to bring attention and visibility to media literacy education in the United States. Inspired by Canada’s Media Literacy Week now in its 10th year, the National Association for Media Literacy Education is leading the efforts to create a media literacy week in the United States to showcase the work of amazing media literacy educators and organizations around the country. The mission of Media Literacy Week is to highlight the power of media literacy education and its essential role in education today.

Media Literacy is the ability to ACCESS, ANALYZE, EVALUATE, COMMUNICATE and CREATE using all forms of media.”


We do a program where we teach library resources to the elementary school kids. One we’re doing this week is teaching 2nd graders how to search databases instead of pulling up the first result on Google. This gives them a safe place to find vetted resources… IF they learn to do keyword searches right.


We’re really excited because this is our revamped pilot program to align with the Next Gen Science Standards and the Common Core. We teach them how to log into the database (We chose The World Almanac for Kids); how to search it and navigate the icons; how to choose keywords and the appropriate search results; and have to scan and click the headings in a database article.

The kids do practice these skills by finding information on what plants need to live (one of their units). There’s color coding and graphic organizers! And they get to use their brand new 1:1 Chromebooks.