Daughter of Deep Silence by Carrie RyanDaughter of Deep Silence by Carrie Ryan

Daughter of Deep Silence is a contemporary realistic fiction for teens that is dark, dramatic and impassioned. Frances and Libby meet and become fast friends on a cruise with their families. Frances also meets and falls in love with Grey, a wealthy senator’s son. One night the boat is attacked. Frances hides in the dumbwaiter she and Grey were making out in and watches her parents get shot in the heads. She is too scared to even make a noise, let alone try and save her parents. After they are shot, Frances runs to Libby’s room and they barricade the door as the shooters kill Libby’s mother right in front of Frances. The two girls jump off the balcony of the ship and end up on a life boat.

The connect even more on the life boat, but with so long without food and water, Libby finally dies. The next day, Frances is rescued by Libby’s father, Cecil, on his yacht. Frances sees on the news that Senator Wells and his son, Grey, are the only other survivors; and they are claiming that the boat was capsized and sunk by a giant wave and not attacked by gunmen. Frances tells Cecil what really happened and Cecil offers for Frances to take Libby’s identity to keep her safe from others trying to cover up the scandal. And this is where the story begins.

Even though Ryan wrote this with input from Ally Carter, Jennifer Lynn Barnes and Melissa De La Cruz, the book feels more like the show Revenge than it feels like Scandal. But there is a government conspiracy and cover up. And the greatest part is, all the time you’re assuming it’s one type of cover up and then comes the plot twist.

In addition to being a cold and calculating new Libby, Frances is very dramatic because she is traumatized from the attack and she is still in love with Grey, who thinks she’s dead and could be her enemy. Also, the real Libby’s adopted brother, Shepherd, is still in love with Libby (they were in a relationship), but doesn’t know Frances is not in fact Libby (which oddly enough is actually explained in the novel, thank goodness). Love triangle… star?…. extraordinaire.

There are some great themes of friendship, loyalty, shared experiences, love, and of course, revenge.