Get EvenGet DirtyGet Even by Gretchen McNeil

This is a contemporary realistic mystery taking place on a generic prep school campus. Four girls that have nothing in common other than attending the same school form a group DGM (Don’t Get Mad) to get back at all of the school bullies anonymously because their school administration isn’t doing anything about it other than encouraging it. No one can know about them, or the group is ruined. They pick a bully and plan their revenge together, and then they leave a DGM card in their wake. DGM is famous in the school. The popular kids and the Maine Men hate DGM and think they’re terrorists even when the popular kids themselves are terrorizing the school. The principal is out to get them. The regular kids and the victims of bullying think they are heroes. But no one knows who they are. They never get caught because the rest of school doesn’t even know that the girls know each other. There is popular but barely Olivia, outcast Bree, loser Margot, and class vice president Kitty. They all have secret motivations for joining the group that the others don’t know. When the person that they are planning their latest revenge on ends up murdered with a DGM card on his dead body. DGM is framed for murder and must solve the case before the school and authorities figure out who is in DGM and arrests them for something they didn’t do.

I can see how this book would be tied to Scandal. DGM are kind of fixers after the matter. There is also a scandal rocking the school over the murder and DGM being framed, and the main characters work to solve it. Readers don’t know who to trust. It’s almost like Clue. The DGM members get sent secret envelopes from an anonymous source that start to uncover other school scandals. The book is thrilling and dramatic at the same time.

However, the end falls flat. I was so mad, I threw the book at the end. You don’t find out who the murderer is. After all the buildup, the school doesn’t even find out who DGM is. And none of the mentioned problems the individual characters has gets solved either. It’s supposed to be a cliff hanger ending to make you read the sequel, but it fails. The book just ends. There is no sort of resolution or a promise to solve the mystery in another book. It’s as if the author wrote one book and cut it in half without a satisfying ending or even a cliff hanger. I don’t think I’ll be getting the next book. It’s almost like Bloodlines… lots of drama suspense and potentially good characters, but no crime solved, no satisfying ending, and no real plot. This book started out with potential. Ugh, I’m still POed about it.