Opening Song

Tippy Tap

The Nowhere Box by Sam ZuppardiThe Nowhere Box (Sam Zuppardi)

This book was a lot better for the 4-Kindergarteners because I think they got the abstract concepts better. A boy is trying to get away from his two little brothers who keep destroying the toys he set up to look like kingdoms being sieged by pirates and trains going through a village. He hides in the box that just came with their new washing machine and pretends he is “nowhere.” I like this book because it shows what you can imagine a box to be. And I thought the kids would relate to annoying younger siblings. At the end, the boy misses his little siblings because they are also playmates. The kindergarteners got this. My family storytime, which is 2-year-olds to kindergarteners, not so much. They were like he’s sad because he’s lost. Or, he’s sad because there’s a cloud so it might rain (which are good picture reference, but not the overall moral of the story). I love the illustration in this because as the boy imagines, the pictures start to materialize from cardboard itself.

I would have given this a 2014 Newbery Honor.

I would have given this a 2014 Newbery Honor.


I Like to Be a Jumping Jack

I like to be a jumping jack

And jump out from a box

I like to be a rocking horse

And rock and rock and rock

I like to be a spinning top

And spring round and round

I like to be a rubber ball

And bounce right to the ground


Jack in the Box

Jack in the box, oh so still (crouch low)

Won’t you come out? (start to rise)

YES I WILL! (jump up and raise hands to the sky)


My Book Box by Will HillenbrandMy Book Box (Will Hillenbrand)

I thought this would be super appropriate for the Family Storytime because they are younger and had trouble with the first book. This one was fun to think of ways to use a box. The little guys weren’t too original. They appreciated the different examples in the book, but I think there were too many examples for them. The next time, I might clip some pages together. They were also very preoccupied with finding the frog in each picture instead of listening to the story. Can you tell I have all new kids on the beginning of the age spectrum?


Not a Box by Antoinette PortisI swapped that book out with Not a Box  (Antoniette Portis) for my 4K class. They loved it. It’s so simple, but you know it will still be entertaining because it got a Geisel Honor. It’s even better if you do the voice as a robot when he’s a robot, etc. The kids thought it was hilarious. I think this book got the point across that you can imagine a box to be anything in play… in fewer words and less pictures and a lot more humor. I wasn’t sure the 4K would like it or think it was too babyish but they loved it.


Flannel: Sitting in My Box (Dee Lillegard) All was well until the Family Storytime littles shouted out that they thought the flea was going to kill all the animals. Morbid lot.


Fingerplay:  Little Turtle

I had a little turtle (hands on top of each other, move thumbs)

Who lived in a box (make box)

He swam in the puddles and climbed on the rocks (with hands swim, climb)

He snapped at a mosquito (clap)

He snapped at a flea (clap)

He snapped at a minnow (clap)

And he snapped at me (clap)

He caught the mosquito (cup hands)

He caught the flea (cup hands)

He caught the minnow (cup hands)

But he didn’t catch me! (wag finger)


Closing Song


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