Battle Flyer

Our flyer for Battle 2016.

I’m so happy with Battle of the Books! I started this program last year at our library, so this will be the second annual Battle program. Up until the day before, we only had 8 kids on the registration list. I was freaking out. I thought we’d have to cancel. Last year we had about 18 kids sign up and eventually a few dropped and 2 couldn’t make the final competition. We’d need at least 5-6 kids on each team in order to have a competition without the kids having to read too many books.

On the day of the program, 25 kids showed up! I was surprised and excited when they all came marching in. One of our teacher teams even showed up to get extra info. We are allowing teachers to form teams this year and play against the winners of the final competition. When the kids saw their teachers at the meeting, they were really excited and came over and talked to the teachers. It amped up their competitive edge. I heard “No, we will definitely beat you! We read a lot of the books already!” That’s a great thing to hear at a first meeting.

In order to be in Battle, kids had to attend one of the two orientations we held. At the orientation we introduced and booktalked the books. We are using the 2016 Caudill nominees. Then we read the rules and took questions. Here is a copy of our rules:

“Battle of the Books is a competition for 5-8th graders where teams compete in book trivia for points. The trivia questions are based on the 20 Caudill book award nominees.

One question at a time will be asked. The answer to the question will be the title of the book and the author’s last name only. Whichever team buzzes in first will have 45 seconds after buzzing to give its response through the team Captain. Teams are encouraged to confer before giving a response. Only the first answer the Captain gives will be acceptable–the team cannot use up the time left to guess other titles. If a team has begun its response before time is called, it will be allowed to complete it. You can ask for a repeat of the question once but still have to stay in time allotted.

If the title is correct, the team is awarded 5 points. Then the team may have 10 more seconds to confer on the author and give its response. An additional 2 points shall be awarded for the correct author. Members need to pronounce the author correctly, so that judges know which author is being identified. Do not say the author’s first name. A team will not get points if they say the first name.

If a team gives an incorrect title or author, the opposing team that buzzed in second (signified by flashing light) may pick up points for title (5 points), or author (2 points), or both. The question will be repeated to the “acquiring” team, which will then have 10 seconds in which to come up with their answer.

At the end of an hour, or when the questions run out, the team with the highest points is the winner. Medals will be given for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, participation certificates for all players, and a prize for the 1st place team.”

Each team fills out which book they're responsible for.

Each team fills out which book they’re responsible for.

Then we helped the kids form 5 teams of 5 kids each. They were to each pick 4 books with their team to be responsible. Each team had to make sure that all 20 books are covered for their team, and that they are responsible for at least 4 they haven’t read yet. They will read one book before each practice, so that they will have finished their part by the time the official competition starts. Here’s a copy of our form that we keep in the Battle Binder to keep all the kids on track.

If the kids have already read one of the books they mark it as “read” in their column to inform their team. An “X” means that book is their responsibility.

I will keep everyone up to date with what we do in practice!