Opening Song

Digger Dog by William BeeDigger Dog (William Bee) The kids liked guessing how the dog was going to try to get the bone out next, and their excitement grew as the diggers got bigger and the hole got deeper. This book is simple but was good at building suspense for the little guys. They also thought it was funny that bigger digger rhymed. And they loved at the end when the dinosaur bones are revealed. They said, “whoa, he’d really like to chew on those bones, they’re bigger than him!”

Fingerplay: “Five Little Nails”

Five little nails, standing straight and steady

Here I come with my hammer ready!

Bam, bam, bam! That nail goes down.

Now there’s just four nails to pound.

(count down)

I don’t like counting songs as much, perhaps because they bore me, but for this age level, I suck it up. They loved this one. We practiced counting on our fingers and making the numbers. They liked pounding the nails and even the littlest sibling of about 1 and a half years did the pounding nails gesture and all the kids clapped for her. It was sweet.

Machines Go to Work by William LowMachines Go To Work (William Low) I love the paintings in this one. You can practically touch them. But what I liked about this book for the point of the storytime was that it had a variety of machines that do work and it was like a guessing game. There’s always someone/something that needs the help the machine can provide. But the problem isn’t what you suspect. For example, instead of the firetruck putting out a fire, the firetruck is used to help retrieve a kitten stuck in a tree. A large, whole page fold reveals the answer. It was great for building suspense and asking kids to make predictions. I thought it was funny that they were sure the big boat was going to crash into the bridge and knock it over. We don’t live in an area that has lift bridges, so it was funny watching their faces when the bridge broke in two to let the boat through. We didn’t do the whole book though, because these guys are young and get squirmy.

I Love Trucks by Philemon SturgesFlannel: I Love Trucks (Philemon Sturges) This was great for vocabulary. Even if the kids didn’t know what their truck was called or did, they could match it to the picture on the page. The kids started sharing what trucks they had and what it did and helping the younger ones figure out what their truck was. It was some spontaneous collaboration and a nice surprise. I gave them a minute to share with their friends before starting the book.

Construction Zone by Tana HobanConstruction Zone (Tana Hoban) I like this book because it has real pictures of each construction truck/machine doing its real job. I think it’s great for building context. I let the kids guess what each machine was. Because we did it last, they had some more background knowledge to add to it. They did seem like they wanted a book where they didn’t have to participate as much, so next time I might swap it with Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site by Sherri Duskey Rinker and Tom LichtenheldGoodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site (Sherri Duskey Rinker and Tom Lichtenheld), which I hadn’t gotten to in the story time. It rhymes and it’s calming.

I didn’t get to this song, but I think it is also a fun one to add to a construction theme.

Song: “Construction Worker Song”

This is the way we pound our nails,

pound our nails, pound our nails,

This is the way we pound our nails,

so early in the morning,

This is the way we…

…saw the wood

…turn the screwdriver

…drill a hole

…stack the bricks

…stir the paint

…paint the walls


Closing Song