Tell Me Again How a Crush Should Feel by Sara FarizanTell Me Again How a Crush Should Feel by Sara Farizan

Leila has problems. She is a dork. Her former best friend is now in the cool group. Her guy best friend, Greg, has a huge crush on her. And she likes girls. She just wants to talk about zombies and gaming with him, not be his date. Her girl best friend Tess, has a crush on Greg and is mad that he likes Leila. The only thing saving Leila from a complete teenage angsty meltdown is that she does not have to lust after any girls at school, she doesn’t have a crush on anyone. That is until the new girl, who looks like a runway model, shows up and befriends Leila. The popular kids are jealous. Leila might even be jealous of herself! Saskia keeps on sending mixed signals. She seems to encourage Leila and hint that there might be something more than just friends there. Other times, Saskia does atrocious things. Is Leila going to risk her values to see where this thing leads? Does Saskia really like her? More importantly, is she finally going to tell her parents and the world that she likes girls? She’s Iranian after all, from a pretty strict and traditional family.

This book is fantastic. Leila is smart, sarcastic, and hilarious. Her wit and the awkward situations she seems to always get into are highly amusing and will carry the reader through a touch topic that isn’t talked about a lot in the real world. It is both racially diverse and relationship diverse. There are so many dynamic characters that it’s fascinating to follow the cast. The book is snarky yet good-hearted. Readers will both be happy with the ending, yet feel it’s realistic.

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