I did this project with my sister off of Pinterest, but this could easily be a teen craft program. You can do this on any material or piece of clothing but we found that bright, solid color t-shirts and leggins worked the best. This is what we did.

1. Line the inside of the clothing with cardboard or a clipboard so that the bleach doesn’t go through to the other side. (Bleach on the front of a shirt won’t appear on the back of the shirt) It’s probably best to cut the cardboard to size, but we just stuffed the shirts with cereal boxes which were a bit flimsy and hard to control, especially if you have some not so crafty teens or teens with bad fine motor skills.

2. You can draw your design with pen first or just have at it. Use a bleach pen to draw on the shirt. The pen needs to be slightly above the shirt, not touching, or you will get a smudged line (almost like henna).

Bleach Shirt

You can use henna patterns as an example for neat designs.

3. After you are done, let the shirt set for 20 minutes. If you let it go too long, the lines will bleed into larger lines and not look as good.

4. Put the entire shirt in a tub of cold water and use your fingers to scrape the bleach off. Do this part as fast as possible.

5. As soon as you are done, put a little (a little!) shampoo on the shirt and wash it thoroughly to get the rest of the bleach off. Rinse in cold water.

Bleach Shirt

Arrows are in style!

6. You can hang the shirts to dry or toss them in the dry by themselves or with a white towel (ask mom if you can mess up her dryer first).

Notes for reproducing as a program: You can use the 64 qt. storage bins for the washing process. Have gallon ziplocs available for kids to take their wet stuff home in. Don’t let the kids rest their hands on the t-shirts or the bleach will smear. Encourage pre-planning and sketching out a design first. This program will take about 45 minutes to an hour depending on how much you encourage planning and looking at sample designs first. This is encouraged because many kids jump into it right away and do a design they don’t like, or they don’t draw it in pen first and then they don’t have a guide for their bleach. Don’t shake the bottles too much or air bubbles will ruin your design. Less is more. It is really easy to get carried away with this. I did four things! I couldn’t stop.

I will upload final product photos in a bit. What was really neat was a navy blue tank top that turned red with the bleach instead of light blue or white! Neat.